Molly Jean Hoff


Adam Keith Lindsay

Wedding Party

Nicole Rahn

Maid of Honor

Molly’s identical twin sister.

Nicole was born six minutes after me and I have never let her forget that. I would even introduce her as my “little sister” to strangers when we were young. We have some pretty hilarious stories of us when we were little. One of my favorites is when we were chewing gum in church and mom was attempting to take it away from us, but we kept handing it back and forth to the other one to chew on instead. Another favorite is when mom asked us to tenderize the dinner meat by poking it with a fork. After we had stuck the forks in the meat, we grabbed mom from wherever she was and told her we were all out of forks. She came back to every single fork we owned sticking out of the poor piece of mutilated meat. In high school, we had a chemistry teacher overhear us in the hallway arguing about something and I called Nicole the ugly twin, while she called me the fat twin. That teacher thought this was hysterical and we still refer to each other by these titles to this day.

Nicole is my favorite person and my biggest supporter and critic. We may not know what each other are thinking (that’s not real), but we understand each other to the core. We hope to someday live next door to each other, because nothing beats our naps and eating raw cookie dough on the couch together.

Nicole also birthed a mini-us in July 2022 (Jensen), who will be the youngest flower girl at the wedding.

Andrew Lindsay

Best Man

The big brother. I have looked up to him my entire life. The amount of life memories and life lessons I have learned from him is countless. He is the sole reason I got into soccer, and started kicking a soccer ball at age 3. We were intertwined when it came to soccer, I grew up watching him play, eventually played with him in high school, he coached my summer soccer team and then we actually played against each other in college. If anyone knows my brother, he has the gift to gab, and I am pretty sure that is why I listen more than I talk due to the fact I couldn’t get a word in while we were growing up ☺ Being able to have a brother like him has been such a blessing in my life, and watching him become the man he is today challenges me to be a better person each day. Our brotherhood runs deep, to have him in my corner on such a big day for me means the world. Love you bro!

Jake Tache


I would like to say I have literally grown up with this kid. Ever since 7th grade, we have always been there for each other and I consider him and his family, just that, family. So many memories of not only playing soccer but countless hours of just hanging out watching movies, playing FIFA and figuring out what we were going to do the next day. Over the years, some might consider it a full time job keeping track of all the ideas Jake has that will make him that million dollars. To be honest, when it happens I won’t be shocked at all, but with all the golfing he does it might take a few more years for “the” idea. Love you man, cheers too many more years of friendship and who would have guessed we would be getting married in the same year?

Brian Van Rooy


Safe to say Brian has been a steady presence in my family. He has been one of Andrew’s best friends since I was in elementary school. Naturally, looking up so much to Andrew, Brian was another older brother to me. Working with him on the same landscaping crew in the summer were some good times, even though he had me push-mow an entire dry pond when he could have done that himself on the riding lawn mower (A staple on the crew, Karl, had quite the laugh when he learned of this). Brian, you have been such a good friend to me over the years, and you are still the coolest guy in the room. But please don’t forget, due to this worthwhile memory, I was somehow able to get you to tap-out on one of my countless attempts of a headlock in that run down Hotel in Mt. Horeb. Happy in so many ways that you are a part of this big day!

Andy Adair


Playing college soccer with Andy was how our friendship started. Still shocked he was able to get a red card in the 3rd or 4th minute (not an exaggeration) in one of our games in Seattle, Washington. In hindsight of that, he could have done some additional site seeing while the team finished up the rest of the 87 minutes of the game. Andy was also the one who opened my eyes to the world of hockey. Not quite sure that sport fully existed in my mind until I went to college in Minnesota, and learned to cheer on the MN Wild. Our semester abroad in Florence, Italy and backpacking through Europe was a trip of a lifetime! We have been through a lot, I am so glad our friendship has kept us close over the years. Adair, you up for some Bob Ross or playing Trials??!?

Eric Weigman


Soccer seems to be a common connection for my friends and I. Eric is no exception. One of my favorite memories I have with Eric was my first away tournament in high school my freshman year. I was the lone freshman on the Varsity team, and I was paired with RB, Coopman and Eric for our hotel room. Right after lights out in the hotel room, I got the bright idea to mess with him. I got out of bed and walked over, not thinking he could see me. He did though, and asked me what I was doing. Without hesitation and knowing I didn’t have long, I tried to get in a couple of hits with my pillow. Faster than a split second after first contact, I didn’t have my pillow anymore. Who knew that would lead to many meet-ups at Buffalo Wild Wings over the years or a few too many drinks at Werner’s Pub?

Matt Montes de Oca


If someone told me that I was going to meet one of my best friends in pharmacy school, I wouldn’t have believed them. The start of pharmacy school for me was rough, taking a year off of school prior, it was tough to get back into it with such an accelerated program. With all the stress that came along with that, it was such a breath of fresh air to meet someone like Matt. If you have seen Matt, there is an obvious thought that he is very fit and has been in the gym a couple of times. My first interaction with him, wasn’t even in person, it was a night were I had one too many drinks, got his phone number from another individual and left a voicemail asking him were I could get some steroids. I would like think it was a nice ice-breaker for our life-long friendship. He put in the work to be a very successful student, but I will always remember coming to ask him review questions for an upcoming test and I would have to interrupt him watching Banshee or Game of Thrones (I am glad one of us could keep up with T.V. shows while we were in school). So proud of him and what he has gone through, and thankful to have him in my life as one of my best friends.