Molly Jean Hoff


Adam Keith Lindsay

Molly Jean Hoff and Adam Keith Lindsay

Please join us for our wedding celebration on Friday

Our Story

Hello all and thanks for making your way to our wedding website. It's about damn time right?! For those who haven’t heard “Our Story”, here’s a quick run down as told by Molly. Adam may disagree on some of this… he believes he was “less creepy and more romantic than I make it sound” haha.

Adam and I began pharmacy school together in August 2013 at Pacific University in Hillsboro, OR. Adam was too shy to talk to me in person, so he’d periodically send hellos through Facebook messages AFTER being in the same classroom all day. I would occasionally respond, however I made it very clear that I was not interested in dating anyone in our class. After four months of his messages, I finally gave him my phone number so I’d stop receiving annoying Facebook notifications. We quickly became good friends and he’d come over to watch movies and help babysit Snuckems. Fun fact- the first movie we watched together was Frozen and I made him sit on the other side of the couch so he wouldn’t be too close to me. I would also tell him not to touch me when I'd sit on HIS chair arm during class breaks throughout the day. He was so cute and would scrunch up on the other side of the chair trying to respect my wishes, even though he was there before me. Adam was always a sweetheart and his patient persistence finally paid off. Our first kiss was at a house party and I was sitting down in a hallway waiting to use the bathroom to puke LOL. He asked me to officially be his girlfriend December 2014... with a Facebook message. He also sent a dozen beautiful roses with the request and Snuckems loved him, so I accepted. After graduating pharmacy school in May 2016, we moved to my hometown of Reno, NV for my residency. Reno treated us very well and we made amazing life-long friends. Much to Snuckem’s disappointment, we welcomed his brother Tucker to our family in May 2019. We then moved to Madison, WI in the middle of the pandemic in May 2020 for our jobs and to be closer to Adam’s family. We purchased our first home together in July 2022 and Adam finally got down on one knee in November 2022. The proposal was perfect and intimate, with just the two of us at home on a Friday morning. He brought me downstairs to dozens of roses and a book he had custom made and illustrated by an artist in New York. The illustrations detailed all his adventures in finding me the perfect diamond, which included the Canadian woods and Bigfoot, the Amazon rainforest, the Millennium Falcon in space and finally the North Pole with Santa.

It’s been a whirlwind of exciting, stressful and huge life changes for us in the last eight years. We’re so excited to share this next step in our life and relationship with you all.

Adam has a goal that we will be together for 70 years. So here’s to the next 62 years!